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Life is about balance.

I'm on vacation, now what?

I know that many of you are already on vacation mode and will not stick to this weekly plan. But, no worries! If you're going on vacation and need to stop completely for a week or a few days, do it, it's healthy! BUT don't let a week of rest turn into a month because, believe me, the return will be more difficult. On the platform we have short workouts and challenges that are perfect for doing in the pool, on the beach or anywhere. In this fortnight I also bring you 20 minutes of strength and flexibility training, perfect to do when you wake up, for example, which will make you feel amazing and with the feeling of a mission accomplished. I also bring you onemore cardio choreography and hope you have as much fun doing it as I did choreographing and recording.

Please take a lot of dips and share with me your workouts in the pool, at the beach, in the garden, at the hotel or at the holiday home :)

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