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Find your balance

At the bbody barre academy you will work your body and mind in a holistic way. The goal is that you can find in our plans the moment to take care of yourself and try to establish a healthy routine in your life. With our classes and weekly plans you'll find your own daily balance.

What we offer

  • Online barre classes (ballet body method)

  • Weekly training plans and meal plans

  • In person events & Team Buildings 

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> Two new classes every week: Released on different days of the week

> Access to +300 on-demand (recorded) classes, ranging from 5 to 45 minutes

> Various types of classes: barre tone, barre yoga, barre HIIT, barre flow, barre flexibility, and dance classes

> Weekly training plan: with options for 1 or 3 days of rest, based on your physical condition

Weekly meal plan, with options for omnivores and vegetarians.

What is included 

The best solution for your employees.

  •  25% for the employee (4€)

  • 75% for the company (11,99€)

15,99€ + VAT

290€ + VAT

Every employee has unrestricted access to all classes and plans. Monthly fee covered by the company.

Supported by the company

Supported by the employee and the company

100% online plan

325€ + VAT

Team-building events or others

By following the plan you will be able to achieve a set of goals, such as losing fat mass, sculpt the whole body, improving posture, calming the mind, focusing on breathing throughout the exercises and improving your flexibility.

Our classes are for all types of people and bodies because you'll always find options throughout the classes, that you can choose based on your current physical condition. You can choose the type of classes you prefer, within all the modalities available in the studio: Barre, Yoga, HIIT, Cardio, Flow, Dance and Flexibility.

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