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BBody Barre is an online studio offering both live and recorded Ballet Body classes. These physical conditioning sessions draw inspiration from ballet and contemporary dance positions, aiming to enhance both body and mind. We integrate the principles of yoga and fitness, creating a comprehensive training approach that encompasses cardio, toning, mobility, stretching, flexibility, and postural reeducation. Certain classes may involve the use of equipment such as a mat, chair, weights, or others. At our studio, we embrace the belief that Every Body is a Ballet Body, challenging the stereotype that a dancer's physique must conform to specific standards. As such, no prior experience in ballet or any other dance form is required. Our focus is on nurturing both your body and mind, encouraging self-investment because your body is your temple.

In this online studio you can find different types of classes, between 5 and 45 minutes:


ballet body bar

Full-body toning classes, incorporating postural reeducation, cardiovascular exercises, and flexibility training. This class is excellent for burning and toning the body while enhancing flexibility.


cardio ballet & HIIT

Cardiovascular workout classes, always offering the option of exercises with or without impact. These classes are excellent for fat loss.


ballet flow

In this type of class, strength training, stretching, flexibility, and breathing are combined. Excellent for toning and improving flexibility, while enhancing your breathing through fluid movements.


ballet yoga

Classes that combine the fundamentals of Ballet and Yoga. The objective is to focus on toning, balance, posture, concentration, and breathing, aiming to control and calm the state of the mind, which works in harmony with the body.


ballet body flexibility

Classes dedicated to stretching and flexibility of the whole body or specific areas of the body. They can last between 5 to 30 minutes, depending on the objective.


dance classes

On this channel, you can discover a variety of choreographed classes, including classical and contemporary dance, as well as ballet body classes choreographed to the rhythm of the music. It's a fantastic way to engage in a fun workout for the body.

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