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New plan
november 3rd

If you don't have time to go to the gym, love doing home workouts or just want to combine ballet body classes with the gym or other classes that you already do, this may be the best solution for you. You'll have access to a weekly training plan, with recorded classes, which you can do whenever and wherever you want and with new classes every week! And also a meal plan, omnivorous and vegetarian version.

​Does not include live classes. Without loyalty, you can cancel whenever you want.

The first 20 subscribers will have access to a 20% OFF on the first pass. Also 7 days trial!

Tone your body with B Body Barre classes

* Sculpt your body
* Reduce stress and anxiety
* Improves posture and flexibility

Ballet body barre is a method created by me of physical conditioning classes, which is inspired by postures and positions from ballet but also from yoga and fitness. Anyone, with or without ballet experience, can do it. You will have access to modalities such as: ballet barre, ballet HIIT, ballet flow, ballet yoga and ballet stretch.


Feedback from our students


"Hello Sofia! I took my first class today and I really enjoyed it! I managed to keep up without resorting to options, BUT... there were times when it took a lot 😅 a new stimulus to my body that I really liked... as well as the teacher 🧡 Thank you and I'm already waiting for the next class 😀"

"The pandemic brought many bad things but also some good ones, like your classes, which have helped me a lot, both physically and mentally. Thank you so much, Sofia!"

"These last weeks of classes have provided me with a rich learning experience and I re-encountered some movements I already knew from ballet. Thank you, Sofia! It's been fantastic"

"I can't thank you enough for yesterday. i was having a long and difficult day so I really wanted to join your class to distract myself. And it totally worked! you tired me out so much during class that I slept like a baby and feel like a new person today! Thank you very much, Sofia ❤️️"

"Just to say that I'm loving the classes! Really. I've always exercised a lot but these classes are the real surprise, I'm enjoying it and they make me feel very good, not only in my body but in my mind. I feel even lighter  😊

Ana P.


Ana F.


Without loyalty, you can cancel whenever you want.

Sobre mim


Sofia Bichão - BBody Barre founder

Hi, I'm Sofia, founder of B Body Barre, teacher of Classical Ballet, Contemporary Dance and Fitness Ballet. It was with 3 years old that I took my first ballet class and my passion for dance remained forever, and later I had a degree in dance and another one in yoga so I started teaching ballet classes, contemporary dance and, later, ballet body and yoga. Allied to all this, it has always given me great pleasure and balance to exercise my body. I don't dismiss this for anything in my daily routines. And it is from this mix that BBody Barre emerges - a platform for fully online classes that does not choose body types or experience and that works body and mind.

If you've come this far, I just want to invite you to try it out!

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