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14-Day Challenge

Core Sculpt

for summer

First 7-day for free.

Power up your abs, glutes, and back!

Starting June 17th, embark on a journey with daily 5-20 minute workouts perfectly tailored to fit into your summer routine. Enhance your strength and overall health.


Special Offer: Until June 17th!

Register by June 17th to unlock 7 days of FREE access, plus a special discount on your first subscription after the trial—no commitment required. Register now and receive your exclusive discount code immediately.

Stay Committed, Get Rewarded!

Finish the challenge and stay with our community to gain access to an exclusive masterclass with our nutritionists. Dive deep into overcoming nutritional barriers to weight loss and unlock the secrets to sustainable health.










How it works?

Discover the mechanics of this challenge and see why there’s absolutely nothing to lose by taking part in this exciting journey with us:​

Sign up

Complete the registration form and automatically receive your exclusive bonus by email. 

Start your free Challenge 

On June 17th, the challenge starts officially. Subscribe for FREE without no loyalty.

Whatsapp community

After signing up, you'll receive an invitation to our dedicated Whatsapp group, where you'll get support.

Use your Discount Bonus

Make sure you use your discount code when you subscribe. Valid just until june 17th.

Access your studio

You can use your 7-day trial before the challenges starts, with your exclusive bonus. No loyalty.

Weight loss Workshop

Available for those who stayed until the end of the challenge, with tips to help you loose weight.

Sofia Bichão - Founder of BBody Barre

Fia-25 – grande.jpeg

Hi, I’m Sofia, the founder of BBody Barre. I’m trained in dance and yoga, and over the years, I’ve taught Classical Ballet, Contemporary Dance, and Ballet Fitness. I attended my first ballet class at the age of 3, and my passion for dance has stayed with me forever. Additionally, I’ve always found great pleasure and balance in exercising my body, which is why I’m also certified in yoga. Working out is an indispensable part of my daily routine. It is from this combination that BBody Barre was born—a platform offering fully online classes that you can attend live with me or access through recordings.


If you’ve read this far, I’d like to invite you to try it out!


"Just to say that I'm loving the classes! Really. I've always done a lot of exercise but these classes are the real surprise, I'm enjoying it and they make me feel very good, not only in my body but also in my mind. I feel even lighter 😊"


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